GTS is the number 1 Trade Show and Expo for high-quality fashion and accessories.
Considered one of the top wholesale markets in the SouthEastern United States, we bring the biggest, latest, and trendiest collection of Jewelry, Apparel, Accessories, and Gifts to one huge event. Our mission statement is to make it easy for you the buyer to purchase from the nations top importers, manufacturers and designers.
Since 2001, we have hosted importers manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and every other business that is interested in merchandise for their customers. Besides sales, our Expo is also structured for display, demonstration, and discussion of unique fashion trends. And along the way, we’ve expanded to cater to a vast collection of fashion-related products and services. The idea has always been and will continue to be, creating the best atmosphere for information, updates, and buying and selling of top fashion products.
If you are involved in any part of the production and distribution chain for apparel, accessories, jewelry, and everything that is fashion-related, plus gift items, this is your chance to visit these top exhibitors. Hundreds of vendors are here to provide the latest fashion ideas, products and services. There couldn’t be a better opportunity for discovery, networking, and higher profits.






































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